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We believe in improving people’s lives through technology, innovation and collaboration. Dr Arian’s statement: “Empower and inspire, and we can help millions” reflects our belief that if we provide the proper support to innovators then the whole world can benefit.

Dr Arian's commitment to innovation

Dr Arian is a global innovator who the UN Global Goals Goalkeepers organisation describes as a world thought leader. He performed the world's first augmented reality international telemedicine live consultation using Microsoft Hololens in 2017, setting a vision for the future of international telehealth. In 2019, he was recognised as World Health Organisation's Expert in Digital Health.

Dr Arian has separately experimented and discussed the use of innovation and digital technology at some of world’s largest summits, including Malaria No More and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals Action Campaign, with audiences including royalty, heads of state, business leaders and international organisations. Dr Arian is also a National Health Service (NHS) Innovation Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow Mentor.

He has worked with a wide range of government and non-government agencies and services across the world, helping them develop innovative approaches to their challenges in sectors including healthcare, education and international development.

Dr Arian works with a team of experts to use evidence-based methods to give the best support, insight and advice for individuals, organisations and governments to succeed with their own ideas.

Supporting your innovation

Dr Arian has served as the National Health Service (NHS) Innovation Clinical Entrepreneur Fellow Mentor, Interviewer and Lecturer; CEO and CMO of Arian Teleheal. He is recognised as a global innovator by the national and international innovation communities and as an influential "world thought leader" by the UN Global Goals Goalkeepers organization.

By working with Dr Arian, you receive practical insight and support to drive your concepts forward, including:

  • how to research markets and explore solutions, to create a credible proposal and proof of concept
  • how to ensure that you are protecting your innovation, including best use of intellectual property rights
  • how to facilitate connections, support and gain funding
  • how to make the best use of opportunities and build the brand

Consultancy support from Dr Arian is supported by a worldwide network of healthcare, education, technology, innovation, business, government and non-government organisations worldwide. We have worked closely with all these groups, and can draw on their expertise and connections to support you.

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